Industry Grade EDTA 2Na Chelation

Product Details

EDTA disodium is an important complexing agent for complexing metal ions and metal separation.
This product is used as a color photographic materials bleach-fixing processing, and dyeing auxiliaries, fiber treatment agents, cosmetic additives , medicine, food, agriculture chemical trace fertilizer production, blood anticoagulant, complexing agents, detergents, stabilizers, synthetic rubber, a polymerization initiator and heavy metal quantitative analysis agent. In the reduction with a chlorinating SBR polymerization initiator system.

Product Identification
Synonyms name:EDTA-2Na (EDTA Na2,EDTA Disodium Salt)
CAS No:6381-92-6
Molecular Weight:372.24
Chemical Formula:C10H14N2Na2O8·2H2O




White crystalline powder

рН  5% р-р  25°C


Purity %


Chelate Value(mg/g)


Heavy metals (as Pb) %


Fe, %


Chlorides, %


EDTA disodium;Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt;complexing metal ions;metal separation.
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