Analysis of production of polyacrylamide

In industry, PAM was in the role of initiator, poly acrylamide monomers or with another monomer, and raw materials are common monomers: acrylonitrile, acrylate, methyl acrylate.

Non-ion polypropylene n amine by propylene n amine monomer are poly and into, PAM of production past most used propylene n amine are poly total water angle or are poly Hou hydrolysis process, now is to propylene n amine and acrylic copolymer method mainly, yang Ion polypropylene n amine of synthesis has modified sex method and copolymer method, former using n amine modified sex reaction business have tert-amine type cation polypropylene n amine, which using propylene n amine and cation monomer copolymer production quarter amine type cation polypropylene n amine, Methacryloyl ethyl trimethyl ammonium cationic monomer is the most commonly used.

Acrylamide from acrylonitrile monomer, acrylamide copolymerization of anionic and cationic monomer are petrochemical products. Oil prices drive Pam price increase is not surprising.