Application of polyacrylamide medicine

In medicine, polyacrylamide gel can be used as non-prothrombin granulating agent, surgery, contact lens material, outer wrap material of microencapsulation and Hemostatic tied for making a high quality women's sanitary napkins and diapers in children, in the field of medicine, Thrombin homopolymer gel for non-raw materials and drug delivery. Cross-linking of partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide used in biochemical field size hundreds of microns to dozens of Micron of polyacrylamide used in chromatographic packings (such as gel permeation chromatography column packing), can be effectively separated globular proteins such as cytochrome. Protein removal, and further concentration. Polyacrylamide resin by Mannich reaction, in amide side chain methylene bridge into l-PROLINE or light l-PROLINE, and copper ion coordination, be Chiral Ligand resins, it effectively split the series of amino acids DL. Obtained by Hofmann degradation of polyethylene resin to use amino acids and copper ions and complexes, ligand-exchange chromatography stationary phase, a series of amino acids can be split, split effect especially of aromatic amino acids, strong hydrophilic due to skeleton, the split time is greatly reduced.