Electrochemical wastewater treatment using polyacrylamide

On the issue of energy consumption: pollution wastewater treatment by electrochemical technology can work through State control to achieve lower energy consumption and costs.? (The main problem faced by electro-chemical water treatment reactor design could not be standardized, resulting in energy, space and time are less efficient, because many designers on electrochemical principle of comprehension is not deep, travel time caused by this false concept of design)

And, for high-concentration waste water, due to changes in its working principles, the flocculation-sedimentation-dominated case, its overall operating costs will be lower than the applied chemical and hydrolysis process of anaerobic acidification treatment costs.

Electrochemical treatment process can be divided into internal electrolysis process water treatment and power of electrochemical processes. The main mechanism of electrochemical formation of polar compounds in aqueous orienteering, depending on the polarity of the material in different electrode for enrichment, adsorption, and so on. Meanwhile, electrode, electrode processes also generate high energy free radical processes. Free radical effect complete the broken chain of organic molecules.