Pam coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, three phase

(1) the condensed phase: production purifying agent (polyacrylamide or PAC) when injected coagulation is liquid pool and rapid coagulation of raw water in a very short time in the process of forming micro-alum, when water becomes more turbid, which require currents can produce intense turbulence. Jar test should be fast (250-300 RPM) mixing 10-30S, generally not more than 2min. Effect is the best at this time.
(2) the flocculation stage: is the process of alum grown thicker, requiring appropriate turbulence and sufficient residence time (10-15min), and later observed a lot of alum gathered slowly sink, forming clear coating on the surface. Beaker experiment with mixing about 150 cycles/min for 6 minutes, to 60 cycles/min mixing again for about 4 minutes to a suspended state. See his response, if the results are not ideal to adjust.
(3) settlement phases: sewage and wastewater treatment, this product showed a positive electricity in distribution or alkaline medium, it suspended in the wastewater sewage flocculation and sedimentation of particles with a negative charge. It is in settlement pool in the for of flocculation gel real settlement process, requirements flow slow, for improve efficiency General used oblique tube (plate) settlement pool (best used gas floating method separation flocculation gel real), large of coarse alum perianth oblique tube (Board) wall block and deposition Yu pool end of, upper water for clarified water, left of grain diameter small, and density small of alum spent side slowly declined, side continues to mutual collision knot big, to late more than cloud basic not variable. Jar test should be to 20-30 rpm and slowly stir 5 minutes, static settling for 10 minutes, logging more than muddy. Get the best dosages. Preparing for the follow-up.