Polyacrylamide is how to make imports

(1) in aqueous solution of acrylamide in 21.0-25.0% adding soda ash and adjust the temperature to 5-12 degrees Celsius;
(2) access the nitrogen, and add Pharmacy and initiator, after a period of time after polymerization, when temperatures rise to 70-90 degrees Celsius, steaming for hydrolysis, hydrolysis of gel after 1-4 hours;
(3) after cause rubber granulator, the rubber block, then dried; dried grains and adding heat stabilizer and after grinding and sieving of viscosity, form the final product. Advantages: through the synthesis of molecular weight polyacrylamide with over 25 million, and then compounded by scientific, well solved polyacrylamide degradation of obvious problems in the treatment of black liquor, black liquor to meet processing demands.