The advantages of inorganic polymer flocculant

Flocculation and as an important method of wastewater treatment, is one of the most widely used and most economical, simple and convenient water treatment technology. Inorganic flocculant is the earliest type of flocculant used, relies mainly on inorganic flocculant and the charge on the particle condensation, it is also known as coagulant. However, with the industrial development needs of conventional inorganic flocculating agents have been unable to meet demand, therefore, after scientists continue research, ultimately determine the inorganic polymer flocculant to market as a new flocculant product.

Is a new inorganic polymer flocculant in water treatment agent, heated strongly attracted between colloidal particles, through adhesion, bridging and cross-linking, promotion of gel cohesion, as well as physical changes of coal mine, and charge on the surface of colloidal particles and suspended matter, reducing potential, allowing colloidal ions attract each other, Jiangsu Province, undermine the stability of the micelle. Promotion of colloidal particle collisions, form a Flocculent precipitate. Comparing it with traditional coagulant more excellent, and higher than that of organic flocculant concerned low prices, is widely used in water supply, industrial waste water and urban sewage all flow of peaceful coexistence, and gradually become the mainstream flocculants.