Analysis Of Plant Extract Industry Prospects

Analysis of Plant Extract Industry Prospects

China is rich in biological resources, for the extraction of the types of plants is very large, currently enter the industrial extraction of plant species in more than 300 species. The plant extract industry is a technology-dependent industry. Advanced extraction technology and equipment not only can greatly improve the quality of extract products, but also improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce waste of raw materials, reduce production costs. The following analysis of the plant extract industry outlook.

2017 - 2022 Plant drug extract market market monitoring and investment feasibility study report shows that the natural extract of the downstream industry for food additives, nutrition and health care products, cosmetics, feed and other industries. With the improvement of people's living standards, the concept of return to nature is growing, food, medicine, health care products and cosmetics and other increasingly "green", natural, pollution-free green products at home and abroad have great room for development and broad market prospect. Food, beverages, cosmetics and daily necessities in the world have entered the stage of R & D and utilization of plant extracts. The R & D, production and sales capabilities of the foodstuffs, which will lead to the rapid development of plant extracts industry.

Food and beverage industry to promote the natural extract industry. With the rise of modern food industry and the improvement of living standards, consumer health awareness gradually increased, safe non-toxic or basic non-toxic natural products more and more food enterprises and consumers of all ages. The food additive is an integral part of the modern food industry (nearly 97% of the food used in the various additives), natural plant extracts as raw materials to produce food additives are in line with this situation, not only to meet people The need for health, but also make the food has a natural fresh, but also can enrich the food varieties and nutrition. Therefore, the development of the food industry will greatly stimulate people on the natural plant extracts as raw materials, food additives demand. In the field of beverages, the international market has entered a flourishing era, more and more beverage manufacturers use natural plant extracts with the special effects of new drinks as a selling point cut into the market to promote profit growth.

Health care products industry to promote the natural extract industry. Under the influence of the new medical model, with the functional medicine, health care products favored. In recent years, natural medicine has been dominated by natural herbs, which are increasingly tested by international markets. Plant extracts are the main raw materials of botanicals and can be used in nutritional supplements. Therefore, they are natural medicine and health products. Core role products.

Daily necessities, the cosmetics industry to promote the natural extract industry. In the field of daily necessities and cosmetics, the essential oils of the plant extracts have a unique and pleasant aroma, mediate and promote the physiological function of the human body, and have special effects such as beauty, anti-aging and antibacterial because of the many active ingredients. , In a variety of spices, beauty skin care products, lotion and other fields are widely used. But these areas of market competition are very intense, innovation is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, and plant extracts can be widely used as a selling point of its new products and should not be replaced.