The Haze Influence Is Coming

To all dear my customers

I wonder if you remember that our plant was located in Baoding City,Hebei province.It's the most polluted city in China,heavy fog and haze always around us in late autumn and the whole winter.Now,the summer is near finish.Autumn is coming,it means the bad whether and bad air will happen again.The goverment are seriously solving the problem,and one way is to close factories.We are chemical manufacturer,but we only produce EDTA chemicals.There is zero air pollution in the producing process,but the goverment do not care,they just let us produce one day and stop one day.It will cause big problems,the delivery date will be delayed,not that fast.So I am here to give you my suggestion,if you have any order,please contact us earlier.The earlier you place the order,the smallest loss you get.

best regards