Industry Grade NTA 3Na

Product Details

Mainly used for industrial cleaning agents, synthetic detergent, no cyanide electroplating, electroless plating, detergent and scale inhibitor, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, plastic additives, industrial desulfurization, chemical analysis and photographic industry.

Product Identification
Synonyms name:Nitrilotriacetic acid trisodium salt monohydrate; Trilon A; NTA 3Na.
CAS No:18662-53-8
Molecular Weight:275.1
Chemical Formula:N(CH2COONa)3·H20




White crystalline powder

рН (1% wt,25℃)




Water content,%


SO4  %


Fe, %


Chlorides, %


Cyanide (as HCN)  ppm


Nitrilotriacetic acid trisodium salt monohydrate; Trilon A; NTA 3Na; industrial cleaning agents.
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